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Cape Town Korean Martial Arts was founded in 2002 and offers classes of traditional Korean Martial Arts of Tang Soo Do that is taught in a modern way using traditional techniques, values and principles that are well suited for modern life challenges.

Our classes are taught in a warm family-friendly environment where people of all genders, cultures and ages come together to practice. Although we believe in rigorous physical and mental training to which Korean martial arts are well known for, we also believe in having fun!

We teach a way of thinking and acting in the world which guides students in all areas of their life’s, based on the principles and values of Korean martial arts. For us physical fitness, better health, discipline and stress release methods are as important as learning self-defense techniques.

Our Instructor

Master Evandro Schwalbach
4th Dan

Master Schwalbach is the Chief Instructor at Cape Town Korean Martial Arts and is a Certified Sah Dan (4th degree Black Belt Instructor) with the World Tang Soo Do Association.


Mr. Schwalbach started his martial arts training in 1996 in Mozambique at the age of 15. He has participated in many regional and international championships with outstanding results which include:

  • 2001 ‐ 2 gold medals in European championship in Cardiff, Wales, GB

  • 2002 ‐ 3 gold medals in World Championship in Orlando, Florida, USA

  • 2006 ‐ Instructor of the year for Region # 14, Africa‐

  • 2010 ‐ 2 silver medals and 1 bronze at World Championship in North Carolina, USA

  • 2011 – Region#14 Male Grand Champion


Aside from the martial arts Mr. Schwalbach received his Masters in Architecture from the University of Cape Town in 2009 and has been practicing Architecture since then.

Master Schwalbach pays great importance in the artistic expression of martial arts and the practice of perfection.
Forms (hyungs) are one of his favourite part of martial arts as it constitutes the essence of the ‘art’ as it contains both the artistic and practical side of martial arts.

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  1. INDIVIDUALITY: We are all different, have different bodies and abilities. Our teaching focuses on the individual personal development and growth in martial arts as well as in life.

  2. FUN: Classes should always be fun! A fun & friendly environment is always more conducive to learning and growth.

  3. DO YOUR BEST: We always give our best effort and there is always room for improvement.

  4. BEAUTY: We believe in the artistic side of martial arts and therefore we believe that effective techniques are beautiful techniques.





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